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  • growing pumpkins
    How To Prune Your Pumpkin Patch

    Pumpkins have to be one of my most satisfying crops to grow. You plant a small seed (in the scheme of things) and, all going well, end up with a crop of big round, meaty pumpkins. And...

    • Posted January 18, 2014
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  • saving pumpkin seed
    Saving Pumpkin Seeds

    One of the greatest thrills we get in our edible garden, apart from the obvious produce, is using seeds from last seasons crop (or the seasons before) to grow more produce. Seed saving is a great way to keep...

    • Posted May 14, 2012
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  • Pumpkin Patch

    Right now I’m feeling incredibly impatient with my Pumpkin Patch. I have some lovely, nice big Pumpkins growing and I’m excited to stash them away for our Winter pantry. Pumpkins are planted in Spring/Summer and growing quickly,...

    • Posted April 16, 2012
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