Hydroponic Starter Kit

Hydroponic Starter Kit

Do you love plants and want them in your backyard or on the terrace? Plants are a natural source of oxygen. They provide food, flowers, and above all, add aesthetic beauty to your house. When you think of plants, the …

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Best Continuous Composter

Best Continuous Composter

In recent years we have seen an increase in the level of greenhouse gases. Scientists around the world are warning us of the accelerated level of global warming, which must be controlled. With this environmental awareness, people are adopting eco-friendly …

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How To Split Asparagus

growing asparagus

Our Asparagus have been in for around 7 – 8 years now. Despite being relocated once, they’ve gone on to provide us with a prolific supply of Asparagus for the past 3-4 seasons and have most definitely been one of …

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Edible Gardening – The Beginners Guide

Is edible gardening a new concept for you?

Have you  been thinking about it, researching it and deciding whether to go ahead and create your own edible garden?

Maybe you stumbled on this site and have been reading some of the articles about how to grow and maintain your garden but you’re still wondering about some of the basics?

Well this article is for you – a beginners guide to edible gardening.

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Creating A No Dig Garden

no dig gardening

Although it’s still Winter here right now, I’m already starting to think ahead to Summer. Particularly the potatoes to be grown in Summer, to be more precise. Potatoes are one of my favourite crops to grow. You can’t beat the …

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