Autumn Harvest

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It’s hard to believe that where I live, we are in Autumn already.

The year seems to have only just begun, and I had lost track of time with all the glorious Summer days, yet here we are.

Sometimes it’s even harder to believe with the beautiful sunny warm days we are still having, but then the cooler mornings remind me that Autumn is definitely here.

Which means it’s time to get in and start the big Autumn Harvest.

Every year, around this time, we start getting serious about getting all our Summer fruit and vegetables harvested, so that they don’t go to waste or fall victim to the colder nights ahead.

Whereas, up until now, we normally just pick and enjoy what we want to use that day, or what is ripe and needs eating, it’s now time to get in and harvest everything we can and preserve it for the coming months.

Each day in the garden I focus on getting a certain fruit or vegetable harvested. The Pears are being picked to be bottled, the Tomatoes are being picked by the bucket full and turned into Tomato sauce or being sun dried in the Excalibur, the Corn is picked and frozen still in their jackets, Onions are pulled and stored for drying, Courgettes are preserved with the Peppers in my famous Courgette Relish, Chillies are being frozen by the bag full, and the Apples are being carefully boxed for Winter storage.

Everything that won’t last through the Winter, or will be over ripe in the next few weeks is being harvested. The thing is, if you are going to go to the trouble of growing you own home produce, it’s definitely worth learning about all the ways you can preserve your excess harvest. There is nothing sadder than seeing all that fresh, home grown produce go to waste.

Check out some of the books from Amazon, which have plenty of fantastic preserve recipes.

And if you really can’t preserve it all, or don’t have the space to store everything, find new homes for it. Give it away, donate it to a shelter, or even put it out on your roadside for others to collect for free.

Share the love with the goodies you have grown.

It is kind of sad to see all the Summer crops come to an end, but there are still a few plants busy producing so it’s not all over. The Pumpkins are still maturing, some of the Apple trees are due to ripen later in the season, and we’ll still get good few bowls full of Tomatoes yet, before the plants get pulled out.

Plus, now I get to plan out the Autumn garden so I have plenty to keep me busy. Of course you’ll see in future posts what we do with the garden in Autumn, so if you want to keep up with our 1/4 acre edible project, be sure to sign up below and get all the updates for free.

And for those in the Northern Hemisphere, heading into Spring and Summer. Enjoy! Make the most of your warm months and get growing all those beautiful Summer crops.

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