I am always on the hunt to find more ways to give homes to more edibles in our garden. Every gap of soil is prime real estate for a produce crop but now that all of those have been filled and the deck is already home to as many half barrels as is acceptable without being deemed excessive I have been on the look out for ways to add a little more planting space.

The man of the house is so patient and despite hearing from me numerous times “That’s it for plants now, we’ve got everything we need” he knows that some way, some how, I will work in yet another newly created garden space.

So it was no surprise to him I’m sure when I announced that I had found some AWESOME 3 tiered planters on Trade Me. I showed him the pictures

and with his unwavering acceptance of me and all my rambling ideas he asked “Where are they going to go?” I love the way he doesn’t say “Where were you thinking of putting those?” like there is some doubt that I have a place or that I will be able to find one. His question is as good as acknowledgement that it’s a done deal. “On the upstairs balcony where all those (god forbid) single pots are. Imagine how many plants I’ll fit in with these!”

Obligingly (or resigned) my lovely man helped me to measure up the balcony and work out how many planters would fit in before encouraging me to bid on them and arrange collection the next day. He then humoured me further by collecting them for me. Ah bless him.

So I got them home, painted them up, filled them with soil and planted them out. Plant of choice? Chillies and Strawberries. Last year we had a few pots of chillis on the balcony and they did really well so it only seemed right to increase the numbers and therefore the output. And you can never have enough strawberries (despite the fact that we already have 70 plants in a raised garden out back) so a few more of those went in to.

Planters all planted out with chillies and strawberries.
I love my new balcony garden and it is doing really well. Those wanting to have some sort of garden in their apartment homes have to work with just this amount of space all the time and while I have no plans to reduce my planting space to that scale I have really enjoyed seeing just how much you can fit into such a small area.

Right, that’s it for plants now. We have everything we need.

Believe me?