Jack Frost Is Due

Daylight savings have finished, we’re in the 2nd month of Autumn and the fire has been lit twice already this week. Jack Frost is due any time now. I just know it. Soon I will become completely obsessed with the night …

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More Ways To Preserve Tomatoes

Another Kg of Tomatoes, another way to preserve them for Winter. 1kg of homegrown Cherry Tomatoes 1 large bunch of homegrown Mint 1 bulb of homegrown Garlic plus A warmed (until the sugar melts) then cooled mix of: 1 litre …

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Tomato Fever

Although it seems the season is a little late this year, our tomatoes are finally ripening. In fact they are going absolultely crazy turning red in the blink of an eye and daily they over fill the boxes and bowls …

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Rhubarb And Mint Jelly

Take 1kg of homegrown Rhubarb And 1 cup of water. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 10 minutes, stirring every now and then. Strain through sieve, jelly bag or cheesecloth. Match every 600ml of juice for 4oo grams …

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Baby Grapes

About 3 months ago I suddenly got the idea to plant two grape vines and grow them up our balcony posts, and have them meet in the middle to create a (hopefully) gorgeous green, grape decoration over what is currently …

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