how to grow mint

Growing Times

Mint grows most prolifically from Spring through to late Autumn, dying back in Winter.

When To Plant

Mint roots easily all throughout the year.


Mint is a spreading plant and can grow into large patches if left uncontained.

The stalks grow vertically to between 10cm – 50cm.

Growing Conditions

Mint will grow in most places in the garden, but prefers full sun.

Mint likes a lot of water, to allow for soft, tend leaves.

Mint can be incredibly invasive so plant your Mint in a clay pot first, then plant into the garden, to avoid the underground runners spreading this plant everywhere.


Mint can become unkempt if it’s not regularly harvested and should be cut back often to encourage new, fresh growth.

In Autumn cut the plants back to the ground in preparation for Winter dormancy.

Pinch the tips out of the stalks to keep Mint plants full and bushy.


Mint is best harvested as tender, young leaves.

As the stalks become older, the leaves will be become tougher and drier.


Mint can be stored by drying it, or freezing the leaves.

It can also be preserved as a sauce or jelly.


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