growing asparagusGrowing Times

Asparagus definitely isn’t a quick fix crop. You’re going to have to be patient. From planting your Asparagus crown until harvest you could need to wait at least 12 months, sometimes longer depending on your growing conditions.

When To Plant

Asparagus crowns are usually available to purchase in late Winter and should be planted in the month prior to Spring so they have time to bed in before the growing season.


The roots of Asparagus can spread out reasonably wide at up to around 50cms.

The tops grow in fern like fronds and can grow much larger at up to 5ft tall for each plant!

It is recommended to grow your Asparagus at 60-70cm apart to allow for root growth.

Asparagus is a permanent plant so plan your growing area well to avoid having to move the crowns, if possible.

Growing Conditions

Asparagus likes to grow in an open, sandy soil.

Asparagus does not like to have wet feet and won’t do well in a heavy, constantly moist soil. Drainage is especially important for this crop.

It will prefer a sunny spot with full day sun. A shady growing spot will result in thin, spindly spears.

Asparagus are perfect for growing in raised gardens.


Water regularly.

Fertilise with a good compost or mulch during the growing season.

Leave the fronds to die back, rather than cutting them back. As they die off and rot away they provide nutrition back into the crown of the plant for further growth.

Asparagus hates competition so be sure to keep the growing area free of weeds.


Asparagus spears should not be harvested in their first growing season and in the second season, harvest just a small number of spears and let the rest grow and sprout for beneficial food for the plant.

In following harvesting seasons (3rd and onwards) carefully snap the sprears off the plant. When the spears are ready to pick they should easily snap away from the plant without causing any damage.


Asparagus is best eaten fresh but can also be stored in the fridge for a few days or frozen.


“Asparagus-Bundle” by Evan-Amos

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