Growing Beetroot

Growing Times

Beetroot is really very easy to grow and takes between 9-12 weeks from sowing to harvest.

When To Plant

While there are Beetroot varieties that can cope with colder weather conditions, most varieties are best planted in Spring and Summer.

In warmer, frost free areas, Beetroot can be sown throughout the year.


The roots of the Beetroot grow to the size of a medium – small Potato.

The top leaves grow to approximately 20cm and Beetroot will happily grow under the shade of taller crops.

Space your plants approximately 20cms apart.

Growing Conditions

Beetroot likes to be grown in full sun, and with regular amounts of water when they are forming.

But do not over water as you will end up with more leaves, at the expense of good sized roots.

Beetroot can also be successfully grown in pots or raised planters as long as they have enough room to grow approximately 10cm downward.


Water regularly.

Beetroot does not like soils that are too heavy in lime so if applying lime, do so several weeks before planting.

Fertilise with a good compost in the middle of the growing period.


Beetroot should be harvested when the roots are between 6 – 7cms.

Smaller roots are much tastier and if they are left to get too big, they can become tough and inedible.

To harvest, use a garden fork to loosen the root from the earth, then give it a gently pull by the leaf stems.


You can either store your Beetroot fresh, or preserved.

You can store it straight from the earth, with the leafs cut off for several weeks in a cupboard, or months in the fridge.

Or you can pickle it and stash it away for the Winter months.

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