How to grow garlic

Growing Times

Garlic matures in approximately 20-24 weeks, depending on the growing conditions.

When To Plant

Traditionally Garlic is planted on the shortest day of the year, in mid Winter.


Standard Garlic grows into bulbs approximately 7cm wide.

Elephant Garlic tends to grow larger with some bulbs growing to over 1kg in weight.

Growing Conditions

Garlic likes to grow in full sun, in good quality soil that is free draining.

Soil should be kept moist while the plants are maturing but be sure that the soil does not become heavy and too cold.


Garlic does not like competing with weeds so keep your Garlic plot well tended.

Fertilise with natural fertilisers once a month while growing.


Traditionally Garlic is harvested on the shortest day of the year but this can depend on the season.

The best way to determine when to harvest is when the foliage begins to brown and die back. This is usually in mid Summer.

Do not try to pull the bulb out of the ground by the foliage. Instead loosen the soil around the bulb and the pull at the top of the bulb to free it.


Before storing, dry your Garlic bulb in a warm, airy place for 5-7 days.

Garlic can then be plaited together with the leaves and either hung or put in net bags.

Keep your Garlic well aired until used to prevent the bulbs from rotting.

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