Sweet Corn

Growing Times

Most varieties of Sweet Corn will take approximately 14 weeks until the cobs are ready to harvest. There are quicker growing varieties which can be beneficial if you live in an area that experiences a shorter full Summer period.

When To Plant

Corn should be planted from late Spring, through until early Summer, when all risk of frosts is clear. Your soil will need to be around 15° Celsius for seed germination but you can also plant corn seedlings for a head start.


Corn plants can grow up to 2 metres tall above ground, with a width when in full crop of around 50cms.

Growing Conditions

Corn should be grown in a position that receives sun for a large part of the day in well drained soil. It’s also a good idea to choose a spot that is protection from strong winds as the Corn will be more vulnerable as it gains height during growth.

Prior to planting dig in plenty of compost and blood and bone as Corn loves extremely fertile soil.

Space the plants 30cms apart in multiple shorter rows rather than one long row. This aids in pollination and also provides wind protection.


Corn needs regular watering and fertilising to produce a good full cob with fat, juicy kernels.

You may need to stake the plants if they start to bend or are exposed to any moderate wind conditions.


Corn is ready to harvest when the tassels hanging around the cobs start to turn brown.

To double check that the corn is ready to harvest you can peel back some of the leaves at the top and pierce some of the kernels to check they’re juicy and plump.


Sweet corn is best picked right before cooking but if you need to store the cobs either prepare them and freeze them or store for 2-3 days in the fridge.

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