Growing Cabbages

Growing Times

Cabbages can be grown most of the year around but tend to give the best results in the cooler seasons when temperatures are below 20°c. They are usually ready for harvest 70-80 days after planting.

When To Plant

Seed should be sown in late spring and seedlings can be planted in early Autumn.


There are different varieties of Cabbage, that grow to different sizes. The mini varieties are great for the smaller garden and are a better size for eating for a smaller family. They grow to approximately 30cm around.

The larger varieties grow to approximately 60cm around.

Growing Conditions

Cabbages like full sun, good drainage and good quality soil. Some varieties are frost hardy but check which type will suit your climate.


Cabbages don’t require a lot of maintenance but look out for pests and diseases which may strike. White Butterfly is probably the most common problem for Cabbage growers but can be controlled by the use of Derris Dust which is a non-chemical solution.


Harvest your Cabbages once the head has fully formed and the leaves are nicely packed together. You can harvest the head when it is younger and or when fully mature.

If you want even more returns for your planting, when harvesting your Cabbages, leave the trunk and it will likely spout another small Cabbage.


Cabbages don’t store for long durations but will keep for a few weeks in the fridge if stored when dry and clean.

Cabbages can be ‘stored’ the garden until you are ready to use them and won’t mind being left over the colder months.

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