Growing Pumpkins

Growing Times

Pumpkins need a long warm growing season. They will take approximately 14 weeks to mature.

When To Plant

You can plant your Pumpkins as seeds or seedlings from late Spring, through until early Autumn, depending on your climate. Pumpkins do not tolerate frosts or mature well in cold temperatures.


Pumpkin plants can spread over a wide area and take up a fair amount of space so make room for them. They can also be trained up fences or trellis if you want to minimize their growing space.

Growing Conditions

Pumpkins like full sun and good amounts of water, particularly when the fruit is setting.


When your plants set fruit, allow each plant to carry only a few fruit each. Cut back the tendrils to prevent more flowers and fruit setting so that the growth can be focussed on the fruit already set.

Lift growing fruit away from the soil or ground so that the skin is always dry, to prevent rotting.


Pumpkins should be harvested when the vines begin to shrivel and dry. Cut the fruit off the vine and leave a 5cm stalk in place for better storage.


Place Pumpkins in a warm dry spot for a week to allow them to ‘cure’ then store over the Winter in a cool, dry place.

Be sure that the Pumpkins are not touching each other and are kept dry.

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