When I was little I always thought that it was these bits of a Sweetcorn plant that were the bits that turned into the corn.

Then I got older and planted my own Sweetcorn plants. And as I watched them grow for the first time I saw the tops come out and thought ‘Yay! Corn!’ And then as they kept on growing I realised that I had been looking at the wrong part all this time!!

Here it is!! Here on the side, with it’s stringy little hat poking out the top. And lo and behold it looks just like corn! It was corn! I never could figure out as a kid how that top bit turned into corn. When did it put it’s jacket on? How did all those grain like bits fold back up turn into corn kernels? And I never thought to ask either. I’ve always just trusted the miracles of nature and believed that if a seed can turn into a plant (which always blew my mind) then that plant can surely morph in all sorts of other amazing ways too.

And that indeed is the case but at least now I know exactly what bits morph. I’ve learnt so much in my adult gardening years.

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