How to Repot Orchids With Air Roots

repot orchids

Aerial roots are not so uncommon among orchids. If you weren’t aware, there are two distinct types of orchids. You’ve got the terrestrial orchids and the epiphytic orchids. Terrestrial orchids burrow their roots into the soil, while epiphytic orchids have …

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How to Prune Knockout Roses after First Bloom

Crimson Pink Knockout Roses

If you’ve got roses in your indoor or outdoor garden, you’ll realize how beautiful they are. They’re attractive and a delight to see, especially when they bloom. But how do you keep them pretty and healthy after the first bloom? …

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How to Dry Basil and Keep them Fresh for Long

Keep Basil fresh for long

Basil is an essential ingredient for many cuisines, especially Italian dishes. So, if you’re a die-hard fan of tomato basil soups, basil grilled cheese, pesto, and pasta marinara, then you’ll definitely need a bunch of basil in your cooking arsenal. …

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How to Keep Grass from Growing Under the Fence

Keep Grass from Growing Under the Fence

Having a perfectly manicured lawn is the dream for most people but what happens when the grass on your lawn grows under the fence and into your neighbors compound? I’ll tell you what, it becomes a nightmare. In this article, …

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How to Get Rid of Pokeweed

Get Rid of Pokeweed

Pokeweed is a poisonous perennial weed that is difficult to get rid of. Once it begins to shoot in your garden, other gardeners will tell you that you’re in for a lot of work. This resilient weed is easily identifiable …

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How to Grow Garlic in Water

Growing Garlic

Garlic is a highly sought-after plant that is used in various cuisines around the world. Its potent flavor and health benefits make it a necessary addition to your garden. However, there is one thing that most people do not know …

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