Creating A No Dig Garden

no dig gardening

Although it’s still Winter here right now, I’m already starting to think ahead to Summer. Particularly the potatoes to be grown in Summer, to be more precise. Potatoes are one of my favourite crops to grow. You can’t beat the …

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Gardening By The Moon

gardening by the moon

The New Year is upon us. And I’m busy going through my new Garden Diary to plan and plot next years garden. Every year I go through each month and plot out what I’m going to sew or plant, at what …

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Make Your Own Free Pea Teepee

Growing Peas

It’s Pea planting time.

Autumn is the perfect time to plant Snow Peas and Climbing Peas, with the cooler weather. Lower temperatures deter mildew, the doom of many a Pea plant.

There are plenty of structures you can easily grow Peas up but I particularly love the look of the pea teepee in our raised gardens.

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