Sooty Mold on Citrus – Symptoms, Effects and Cure

Sooty Mold Citrus

If you have citrus plants in your garden, you’ve most likely come across the black powdery substance that coats their leaves. Without any doubt, you’ve brainstormed over what it might be. After all, there’s been no fire outbreak or volcanic …

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Getting Rid Of Black Sooty Mould

black sooty mould

black sooty mouldI was recently asked to take a look at a friends dwarf Lemon tree, planted in pride of place right outside their lovely double glass doors in their dinning area.

There stood a small, sad looking tree that was pretty hard to spot as being a Lemon tree, because it was absolutely covered in a thick, black, sticky coating on all of it’s leaves.

Not being gardeners of any variety my friends were planning on pulling their Lemon tree out so they could replace it with something that didn’t look so sick, until I offered to help them figure out what was wrong with it.

As soon as I laid eyes on their poor little tree it was clear that it had fallen victim to a severe case of black sooty mould.

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Cherries Falling Off The Tree?

Cherry Drop

When our garden starts to bloom, it is the most beautiful and exciting sight. Because our garden is a predominantly edible garden, those blooms don’t just make our backyard look pretty, they also offer the promise of loads of fresh, …

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