How to Prune Knockout Roses after First Bloom

Crimson Pink Knockout Roses

If you’ve got roses in your indoor or outdoor garden, you’ll realize how beautiful they are. They’re attractive and a delight to see, especially when they bloom. But how do you keep them pretty and healthy after the first bloom? …

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How to Prune an Avocado Tree in a Pot

Collecting Avocado from your plant

Avocados are generally known to grow tall when planted outdoors. To avoid the hassle of caring for a large avocado tree, people plant avocados indoors. Anyone can plant an indoor avocado tree with a pot and seeds of an avocado …

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How to Prune Azaleas Japanese Style?

Prune Azaleas Japanese Style

Azaleas are a great choice when it comes to beautifying your lawn or garden. Not only are they great ornamental plants, but the best part about growing them is that they aren’t difficult to maintain. This makes it possible for …

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A Complete Guide To Thinning Carrots

Carrots are one of those plants that grow amply and are liked around the world. But, to ensure a good quality harvest, you need to check the detrimental factors for its growth. The carrot plants grow densely, and hence farmers …

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How To Prune Your Pumpkin Patch

growing pumpkins

Pumpkins have to be one of my most satisfying crops to grow. You plant a small seed (in the scheme of things) and, all going well, end up with a crop of big round, meaty pumpkins. And they’re reasonably easy …

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Pruning Your Boysenberry Plants

pruning boysenberries

pruning boysenberries

There are some jobs that I absolutely dread doing in our edible garden.

Not too many, but some that are so difficult, horrible, or painful that I just don’t want to do them.

Pruning our heritage Boysenberry plants is one of those jobs.

I don’t mind digging around in the worm farm, shoveling compost and making fish fertiliser (oh the smell!) but when I know it’s time to cut back the Boysenberries, somehow weeks and months drift by and I still haven’t done it.

Which means that it was totally overdue to be done and with one month of Winter left, time was running out.

So, last week I finally got onto it.

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