Daylight savings have finished, we’re in the 2nd month of Autumn and the fire has been lit twice already this week.

Jack Frost is due any time now. I just know it.

Soon I will become completely obsessed with the night skies, and their potential to bring a frost again. My gorgeous husband will be pestered with the nightly question, “Do you think it will frost tonight”.

The clear skies with the stars beautifully visible normally gives it away but all through the Winter months I worry about the fate of my frost tender plants. I constantly check my citrus trees, re-adjusting their frost cloth blankets, hoping to protect their tender limbs and leaves from the freezing cold days until the warmth of Spring comes again. I celebrate every frost free morning, every days relief from the bitter cold wrath of Winter.

I am so determined to give my citrus trees a chance to survive another Winter, and one day get to the point where they can become the strong, prolific fruiters I hoped for, that this year I am going to double my strategy for defending my green babies against nasty ol’ Jack. Not only will I shroud each tree with Frost Cloth, I am also going to try the Organic Liquid Frost Cloth from Mapua Country Trading (below).

I’m interested to see how it works and figure that by adding this extra protection I can relax a little when those extra hard frosts hit and threaten to burn and wither evert leaf and branch.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m really hoping that come next Spring, all my Citrus babies will be healthy and thriving having survived Jack’s vicious Winter attacks because of the extra protection.