Black Scale Bug on Lemon Trees

black scale bug on lemon trees

Ever wondered why your lemon tree was dropping leaves with its branches dying and its fruits getting deformed? The possible cause could be citrus scale pests. The most common of them all is the black scale bugs. The Black scale …

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Edibles You Can Grow From Scraps

Edibles You Can Grow From Scraps2

Have you ever left your potatoes or yams in the pantry for so long only to realize that they have developed new stems? This happens a lot with most vegetables. Meaning that you can grow them from leftover pieces aka …

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Sooty Mold on Citrus – Symptoms, Effects and Cure

Sooty Mold Citrus

If you have citrus plants in your garden, you’ve most likely come across the black powdery substance that coats their leaves. Without any doubt, you’ve brainstormed over what it might be. After all, there’s been no fire outbreak or volcanic …

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Best Feeding Time for Citrus Plants

Feeding Time for Citrus

Growing citrus plants in your garden can be extremely easy to do if you know the proper ways to care for them. Knowledge about their growing seasons, USDA hardiness zones, suitable soil type for growth, exposure to sunlight, and frequency …

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How to Grow Bigger Pumpkins?

Grow Bigger Pumpkins

Growing big pumpkins is a fantastic hobby that many backyard farmers seem to be into these days. The astronomical sizes we’ve seen some of them grow into are simply jawdropping. Calling it a hobby seems to be a mild way …

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How to Grow Citrus Fruits?

Grow Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are perhaps the most common fruit trees consumed worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, not all fruit trees are citrus trees but all citrus trees are fruit trees. Quite a conundrum isn’t it? The most common citrus varieties include …

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