My Rhubarb plant just keeps on proving it’s will to live to me.

In it’s past life this plant came from an underwatered, weed laden, neglected garden where one day it was rudely extracted by virtue of a rusty spade and prepared to come and live at my house. The journey to my garden wasn’t exactly a direct one. In fact the poor plant sat in a plastic bag in a garage for over a month. No light, no water. Just dust and exhaust fumes.

Eventually the plant and it’s intended adoption was remembered and it made it’s way to my office where it sat for another day. I didn’t have a lot of hope for downtroden orphan I lugged home that day but lovingly, and with optimism abound, I took it out of it’s bag and planted it randomly in a corner of the garden tending it daily with water and well wishes. To my surprise, within a couple of months I was gathering stem after stem of lovely red, crunchy rhubard! The little dear roared back to life and was quite prolific in it’s fruiting. It grew with gusto and restored it’s vigor of old.

So you can imagine how bad I felt when I decided that for it’s own good (ok and a little lot of mine) it needed to be split up and moved. Just 18 months later I took the plant back to that dark place where the blade of a spade hung over it’s head and then chop!!! I split my Rhubarb up into 5 child plants, their new born selves sprawled across the garden while I hacked at their brothers and sisters and then picked them all up and relocated them to a sunny, more permanent spot in the garden.

Again I was full of optimism and hope but I needn’t have worried. These plants are tough! Just a few months after their division they are all bustling and bright in their open space, throwing out bright new stems and deep green leaves like arms flung wide in freedom. I am SOOO pleased because we love Rhubarb and the prospect of having not 1 but 5 fruiting plants is like finding gold.

Lots of water, worm tea and sun should keep these guys more than happy for a number of years now. But I won’t promise another amputation is off the cards. Now that I know they can cope it gives me just a little more license for playing God again at some stage.

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