Banana Fertiliser

banana fertiliser

Bananas are VERY popular in our house. We eat at least 3-4 between us each day. I personally have at least 2, and my step-son will often have 2 each day as well. Which means we end up with a …

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Organic Pesticides – Rhubarb Leaf Pesticide

Rhubarb Pesticide

Rhubarb Pesticide

Rhubarb doesn’t just taste delicious, the leaves of the plant can also provide a natural pesticide for your garden.

Although this pesticide should not be used on edible crops, I thought I would still include this recipe since you can use your edible crops to help out the rest of your garden.

When harvesting Rhubarb for crumbles, cakes and preserves, make sure you trim off all of the leaf of the plant. Rhubarb leaves contain high levels of a poison called oxalis acid which can be fatal if consumed.

But don’t be too quick to throw them away.

Rhubarb leaves can be used to make an effective, organic pesticide which works well to control leaf eating pests and it is extremely simple to make.

Before you get started on creating your own organic pesticide, I must mention that you should not use this solution if you have dogs. They may be attracted to the soap in the solution and licking it may be fatal.

To Make Rhubarb Leaf Pesticide:

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