Baby Grapes

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About 3 months ago I suddenly got the idea to plant two grape vines and grow them up our balcony posts, and have them meet in the middle to create a (hopefully) gorgeous green, grape decoration over what is currently a pretty rustic, solid balcony structure. It’s all massive thick posts and beams with black steal brackets and I wanted to soften it with something growing over it for the summer. And if I’m honest, I saw it as another perfect opportunity to plant another edible crop besides the obvious aesthetic value.

I wasn’t sure how tall the vines would grow upwards as our balcony posts are 8 feet tall before they meet the cross beam but I was assured by a friend who studied viticulture that they would happily grow up that high with the right pruning and care. So I found a seedless grape variety (seedless for the wee mans eating pleasure) and got them in the ground directly in front of the posts. I didn’t expect much out of them this year but they have burst forth in leaf and are reaching their tendrils a little further up the posts every day. They have been making Mamma happy. And then I saw this!

The sweetest wee bunch of baby grapes!!! It still thrills me every time I am witness to the emergence of new buds. It’s like receiving another gift in this life whenever I see something like this.

I imagine the day when Mr and Mrs Thompson grape have crept their vines right up the posts and have crossed the beam to join hands in the middle. Their outstretched arms are full of bunches of sweet green globes, ripe for the picking. Don’t disappoint me Mr and Mrs Thompson. Don’t ruin my dream!!!

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