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We all need a clean environment. Keeping it clean means that we have to get rid of tall grass and the weeds in the lawns. This makes us think about the brush cutters. The brush cutter is however useless without the brush cutter blade. The blade is what actually does the magic and keeps the machine able to clean the lawns. However, we have to know which kind of blade we have for our brush cutters and see what is needed to make one a good choice for a brush cutter blade that would last long and serve us as efficiently as we imagine. Now, what’s the best brush cutter blade? 

Let’s find out below. 

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Top 6 Best Brush Cutter Blade Reviews 

1. ATIE 8″ 80T 

What we often look for in a brush cutter blade, as it’s often done in bow saws,  is the strength of a disc that would fit in well and work exactly as we expect. It is therefore good to find one that is strong enough. This one happens to be one of the strongest available. It has a carbide tip to make it so strong. it is not bound to rust since it has a strong aluminum tungsten alloy that does not rust easily. 

The Atie blade has so many teeth that increase the cutting surface. It is a multipurpose blade and can fit a number of brush cutters and inside strong enough to handle tough weeds. 

What we like
  • Multipurpose
  • Tough blade
  • Large diameter
What we dont like
  • Only large brush cutters


The perfect fit for tough stuff is right here. It is compatible with manufacturer brush cutters though some need some fit washers. It is made extra hard with the carbide teeth tips plus the steel blade. Wherever we need to cut bamboo stems, hard shrubs, and tough grass, this blade can fit in perfectly to perform the job. 

The blade will come with a 1″ hole that is fit for any type of brush cutter or a blade eater. It’s however good to make sure the blade fits in well before going for this blade since it might not fit well with some models of brush cutters. 

What we like
  • Extra hard
  • Easy to use
  • Fits well
What we dont like
  • Hard to fix

3. 10 inches 80T 

There are a lot of brush cutters that are available in the market and they all have their replacements in case of defaults. Such blades might sometimes be hard to find. Here is one of the rare blades. It has a 1″ shaft hole that can fit across many brands of brush cutters. It is therefore the best replacement. 

In the case of a specification on the type of blade to be used. It is therefore a good choice if we are not sure which type of blade to use. It comes in a pair and therefore the two blades can combine to make a strong cutting edge which can cut hard stuff. 

What we like
  • Fits in a number of cutters
  • Strong
  • Comes in a pair
What we dont like
  • No specification

4. GS small shop 

Wear and tear is part of anything that rotates. Here is a circular brush cutter wheel made up of twisted steel to make sure there are minimal wear and tear. The twisted wire wheel is strong and durable to make sure it cuts through hard matter without getting deformed. It is also thick enough to prevent bending. 

The blade is also rough to grind through what it’s cutting through with ease. Unlike other trimmers that just have to be fixed one way, this has different attachments including a washer that makes sure that there is smooth rotation during the cutting. 

The fixing is simpler and is quite more efficient considering the fact that others are tightened by nuts and that’s what holds them in position all through. To add to the efficiency, we can talk about the ease of operation and the smoothness attached to this kind of blade. 

What we like
  • Exemplary smoothness
  • Durable
  • Easy to fix
What we dont like
  • Not easy to replace

5. 2pk 8″ 80T carbide tip blade 

Carbide tipped is a factor for any strong blade. This one has not been left behind. This is another strong carbide-tipped blade that has a lot of strength and makes it perform a wide range of cutting activities. It is specially meant for a 2.00mm above which is actually a universal fit. 

It is good for replacement and often comes in a pack of two blades. It’s therefore important to keep in mind that depending on the kind of brush cutter that was to use it on, there might be a requirement to use the two of them at the same time or use one at a time. 

It fits a number of brush cutters and therefore it carries several adjustment mechanisms. Being a strong carbide-tipped blade, it works ten times longer than the ordinary steel made blades. 

What we like
  • Universal fit
  • Carbide tipped
  • Adjustable
What we dont like
  • Needs trimmer attachments

6. CSZ 

Here is another tough blade that is carefully made to suit a number of brush cutter models. It also comes in a pair made up of strong steel that is specially protected against rust making this blade last longer. It is made to the standards, ensuring it is suitable for cutting the vegetation. It comes with universal fit adapters that make sure that the blade is strongly fitting and does not detach easily. 

However, it is quite restricted to straight shaft trimmers but it does an excellent job with a number of gas and electric cutters. This product always comes in a pair to ensure that in case of trouble with the first, the second can fit in exactly and the work continues. The teeth are made to face a certain direction which is good for making the cutting easier and more uniform. The work is left clean after every cut once it makes a perfect cut through the grass and different tough vegetation. 

What we like
  • Proper fittings
  • Well protected
  • Strong
What we dont like
  • Restricted to straight shaft trimmers

Best Brush Cutter Blade Buyers Guide 

What are the most important things we look for in an ideal brush cutter blade? There are several factors that are very important and they include:  

i) The diameter 

Since the blade cutters are circular in shape, the most important thing that determines whether the blade will fit in is the diameter. If the brushcutter is large, it would need a blade that is large enough to fit in. Therefore, we should look for specific sizes according to the brush cutters we own. 

ii) Material 

The material is what determines if the blade will last long enough to serve its purpose. If we were to use the brush cutter for cutting tough vegetation, we will need to fit in a strong blade preferably carbide tip blades. Strong material will make sure we can cut into any type of rough vegetation without any trouble and quite efficiently. 

iii) Specifications 

Many of the blades have their own specifications. The specifications may restrict us to a certain function for a specific purpose. 

This means that if we are to buy a certain blade that has specifications we must have a brush cutter that needs a blade with the same specifications. Sometimes there might be others that have no specifications but they tend to have the same features as those specified in the blade. We should take such features into consideration too. 

iv) The use 

Where we’re going to use this blade cutter also really matters and we have to know which one to take with us. If for example we are required to work with tough branches and some bamboo sticks, there is a need for us to take on a blade that is perfectly tough to counter the toughness of what it handles. It is therefore important to find and that will be compatible with the place that we are going to use it. 

v) The type 

We have different types of blades. For instance, we have a blade that is 4-tip which is different from a two-tip blade. It is good also to understand the kind of blade that was using and understand the good and bad points of each type to know which ones could be good enough for a specific kind of brush cutter. 


We realize there are very many different types of cutter blades that we have in the market and each one of them has a specific function and is suitable for a certain cutter or a certain function or environment. There is so much we are supposed to know about those that we happen to choose for our different functions. 

The most important thing, therefore, is to make sure that there we have a lot of information about several blades. Deep research and keen analysis helped us narrow down to the above list of blade cutters where we found ATIE 8″ 80T to be the Best brush cutter blade. 

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