Best Traveling Sprinkler Reviews: Top 5 List with Buyers Guide


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Tired of pulling that horse pipe around your lawn? How about going for a traveling sprinkler to handle the watering part for you. A traveling sprinkler follows a predefined route to automatically water your lawn. However, you should be keen on the model and type of sprinkler you buy. To avoid sudden breakups, and inefficient watering, you need to go for the best traveling sprinkler.

Best Traveling Sprinkler Reviews

We took the time to study and review the best models below.

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Top 5 Best Traveling Sprinkler Review

1. Orbit tractor sprinkler

Made from cast iron, the orbit tractor sprinkler is heavy enough to remain on its track along with the 5/8 inches garden hose. It can work alone once you’ve set up the path using the garden hose and positioned the ramp at the desired finish point, once it reaches the ramp stop, it shall automatically turn off and stop.

With this model, you get a coverage of up to 13,500 square feet, when using a hose of 200 meters. Orbit tractor sprinkler comes with three-level speed controls, that is, neutral, low, and high. This enables you to control the intensity of watering, for high speed, the watering shall be less intense as compared to the low speed.

The diameter of the watering can be adjusted from 15 feet to the highest 55 inches. This shall let you water your small and large lawn without excess. Though made of cast iron, some parts are made of durable plastic which makes this model durable. The sprinkler for this model is self-propelled using tap water pressure, so you don’t have to worry about extra energy for the sprinkler.

What we like
  • Made of cast iron and durable plastic
  • Has a self-propelled sprinkler
  • Waters a diameter of 15-55 feet
  • Three-level speed control for even watering.
What we dont like
  • The model is made of plastic gears in the gearbox.

2. Melnor 4501 Traveling Sprinkler

Melnor 4501 is made of durable cast iron that assures you of a durable, heavy, and stable traveling sprinkler. The wheels of this model are high-traction that can cope with challenging terrain such as slopes and can’t get stuck in the grass.

The model comes with three-speed controls, which are high, low, and neutral. So, whenever you need thorough watering, use low speed since it allows more water per square feet and whenever you need light watering use high speed and neutral when not in action. The diameter coverage for this model is 15-50 feet, you adjust the arms to your desired diameter within its limits.

This traveling sprinkler can work on large lawns given that it can cover up to 13,500 square feet along the laid out hose pipe. At the end of the prescribed cycle, you place the stop ramp that automatically shuts off this sprinkler without your presence or effort. It is good to mention the charity actions of Melnor, that shall come from the purchase. Melnor promises to donate one dollar from each purchase to the fallen firefighter’s foundation.

What we like
  • High traction wheels
  • Coverage of 15-50 meters
  • Includes a ramp stop
  • Has 3-level gears, high, low, and neutral
What we dont like
  • Previous buyers have raised concern about the power of this model that it struggles to pull the hose and needs support.

3. Watex WX044 Traveling Sprinkler

Water is made from heavy-duty cast iron that gives it the weight to keep on track and also assures you of its long-lasting ability. Sit back and watch this traveling sprinkler water your lawn of up to 200 feet. With a coverage of 15-45 feet, you are assured to finish watering your lawn with a single or few rounds, you can adjust this coverage diameter depending on the size of your lawn. Traveling on 200 feet of hose, it shall cover a total area of 11,900 square feet.

The high traction spiked wheels ensure the least possible damage to your lawn while ensuring stability and grip to work in any terrain. It is self-propelled with two levels of speed. This allows you to control the intensity of watering depending on your preference.

The included ramp stop ensures the sprinkler stops and turns off once it gets to the end of your laid down path. Can use 1/2 inch diameter hose, however, this shall not be efficient, therefore, it is recommended that 5/8 diameter be used.

What we like
  • Made of durable cast iron body
  • Has coverage of 15-45 feet that is adjustable
  • High traction wheels for tricky terrains
  • Includes a ramp stop
What we dont like
  • We found no issues with this traveling water sprinkler as of now.

4. Underhill T-400 Tracker

This is a heavy-duty traveling sprinkler meant for large lawns such as fields, cemeteries, and so on. This model comes with high coverage of 70-85 feet which is large enough to make large lawns irrigation fast. You get multiple levels of speed control starting from 20 to 70 feet per hour. It ensures even and controlled intensity of watering.

The Underhill T-400 Tracker propels itself using the pressure of water from the hose. It is automatic and follows a set path of the included nylon cable. This model is hands-free once set, it follows the path of the nylon cable when it comes to an end, it automatically shuts off. Forget about hose dragging problems since this model comfortably drags a 1-inch heavy-duty hose pipe of 360 feet long.

This heavy-duty German machine is made of durable and high-quality parts to last. It can water up to two acres of lawn with ease. For smooth operation, this water pressure propelled model requires at least 9 GPM and 50 psi to get moving, it might necessitate more in case of too large areas.

What we like
  • The heavy-duty model covers up to 2 acres of lawn
  • High coverage of 70-85 feet
  • Powered by the supplied water pressure
  • Offers 20-70 feet per hour speed control
What we dont like
  • This model is costly. However, given the coverage and quality, the model offers value for your money.

5. Rainwave RW-TS200

If you have a very small lawn, this model shall work great for you. This is a light-duty automatic traveling sprinkler. It follows the hose pipe path that you layout to get your lawn evenly watered. It comes with a coverage of 15 meters in diameter that’s enough for small lawns. It provides a place to fix the hose and ensures a watertight fit.

Rainwave traveling sprinkler gets the job done for you as you get busy with other stuff. It has an automatic shut off at the end of your pre-set cycle. The grip and power are relatively fair and can work well for light watering duties. This model is compact and easy to carry and store.

What we like
  • 15 meters diameter coverage
  • Automatic traveling sprinkler
  • High traction wheels
What we dont like
  • This model has a small coverage and has been reported to get stuck frequently. Only go for this model if you are running on a budget and have very light watering duties to engage it in.

Best Traveling Sprinkler Reviews Buyers Guide

To help you choose the best traveling sprinkler either online or offline, we prepared this short detailed guide for you.

What defines the best traveling sprinkler?

Good traveling sprinklers can be classified into two categories, small and large. Small traveling sprinklers are made for small and medium lawns while large ones are made for bigger lawns such as fields, farms, and cemeteries.

Quality sprinklers are made of metal, usually, cast iron in order to prevent them from breaking. However, larger sprinklers are also made of durable plastic parts. The power of traveling sprinkler matters a lot, go for a sprinkler that can comfortably pull your hose pipe.

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Gear quality

Instances of traveling sprinkler gears breaking are common, especially for gears made of plastic. It is usually advisable that you choose a traveling sprinkler with metal gear parts.


Heavy duty large traveling sprinklers usually cost a lot high compared to small ones. Depending on the quality of a traveling sprinkler, the price might be high or low. However, high prices don’t necessarily mean high quality and vise versa.


When buying a traveling water sprinkler, it is important that you consider its coverage. The best small traveling sprinklers can cover up to 13,500 square feet traveling on a 200 meters hose pipe. Professional grade traveling sprinklers have very high sprinkler coverage of above 70 while small ones have 15 and above.

Consider the size of your lawn, choose a traveling sprinkler that shall take the least rounds to complete watering your lawn.

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The best traveling sprinkler so far is the orbit tractor sprinkler. However, the water traveling sprinkler is great in all its aspects and wasn’t found to have many flaws, except for its slightly lower coverage compared to the orbit traveling sprinkler.

All the above-reviewed traveling sprinklers are the best and shall get the job done as described, just be sure of going for a model that matches the size of your lawn.

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