How To Split Asparagus

growing asparagus

Our Asparagus have been in for around 7 – 8 years now. Despite being relocated once, they’ve gone on to provide us with a prolific supply of Asparagus for the past 3-4 seasons and have most definitely been one of …

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Edible Gardening – The Beginners Guide

Is edible gardening a new concept for you?

Have you  been thinking about it, researching it and deciding whether to go ahead and create your own edible garden?

Maybe you stumbled on this site and have been reading some of the articles about how to grow and maintain your garden but you’re still wondering about some of the basics?

Well this article is for you – a beginners guide to edible gardening.

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Edible Ground Cover


This pile might not look like much, but I have big plans for it.


With the size of our garden, it gets a bit hard to plant out every space and avoid leaving gaps for the weeds to flourish.

I HATE weeding.

I love the end result when it’s done, but it’s not my favourite job at all.

So the more I can stifle the weeds, the better. We don’t use any sprays what so ever so it comes down to competition and natural means of weed control in our garden, and sufficient ground cover seems like a good strategy to leave little room for weeds to make themselves at home.

Ground cover plants are easy to find, but given that we’re trying to make our garden as edible as possible I wanted to plant some kind of cropping plant as ground cover.

I’ve done the herb thing and it wasn’t really a winner for me. We planted various creeping Thymes and Oregano but they tend to get quite scruffy after a while and there’s only so much Thyme you can use in your cooking. They also didn’t crowd out the weeds as well as I hoped. The really determined ones just grew up in between the edibles and it wasn’t easy weeding once that happened.

So most of it came out along the way and the earth was left bare once again.

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It’s Garlic Planting Time!

Growing Garlic

Today is the shortest day of the year for the Southern Hemisphere. The Winter Solstice.

The shortest day of the year is when the sun is appears at it’s lowest altitude, at noon.

It falls on the 20th or 21st of June in the Southern Hemisphere, and 20th or 21st in the Northern Hemisphere,

It’s also the day a lot of gardeners get their Garlic planted.

So if you haven’t got your Garlic in the ground yet, today is a great day to get on with it!

But what’s so special about planting Garlic on the shortest day?

From what I’ve learnt, the reason for planting Garlic on the shortest day is one part tradition, one part ease of memory, and one part purpose.

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Saving Pumpkin Seeds

saving pumpkin seed

saving pumpkin seed

One of the greatest thrills we get in our edible garden, apart from the obvious produce, is using seeds from last seasons crop (or the seasons before) to grow more produce.

Seed saving is a great way to keep growing the fruit and vegetables that you have enjoyed most, preserve heirloom lineage and save on constantly buying new seed.

Saving seed is easy and without a whole lot of effort, you can end up with lots of free seeds for planting in seasons to come. Or to trade or give away to friends and family.

In this Seed Saving series you will get instructions on how to save all sorts of seeds to stock up your seed supply.

Saving Pumpkin Seeds

When the your Pumpkin vines start to die off, it’s time to harvest your Pumpkins and store them for use over the Winter.

As you are enjoying your Pumpkins, don’t forget to save some of the seeds so you can plant out more Pumpkins in the Spring.

Pumpkin seeds are incredibly easy to extract and large in size so not to fiddly to save.  Why buy more seed when you have as many as you could ever need readily available?

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Growing Garlic From Last Seasons Bulbs

Growing Garlic

As you are eating your Summer harvest of Garlic, don’t forget to put aside a few cloves from each bulb, for planting in Winter.

Garlic bulbs are grown from individual cloves like the ones in the picture above. With the right growing conditions, each clove planted goes on to produce a single Garlic plant with a bulb containing as many as 20 cloves.

Which makes growing Garlic wonderfully self-sustaining.

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