Best Plants To Repel Snakes


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Are there snakes slithering in your garden and hampering the precious plants that you grew with a lot of care and effort. Snakes love to roam around areas where an ample source of food is present. Your garden is one of those areas that can attract snakes, and they can hide under any small rock beds. Or they can create holes inside the moist soils, which can ultimately harm your plants. Therefore, you need to find a way to repel the snakes. There are various snake oils and sprays available, but they don’t work well. So, what you can do is grow specific plants that will repel snakes. Plus, doing this will enhance the beauty of your garden.

Best Plants To Repel Snakes

How To Design An Anti-Snake Garden

Most people feel that snakes are normally good for your garden. They take care of the garden pests like rodents, which can wreak havoc on your entire crop field and invade your home. However, this does not mean that you actually let snakes be a part of your garden. It is essential to keep them away for safety purposes. Your garden is a place where you spend time with your family, friends, or even children and take their help while engaging in gardening. Therefore, you would not want any one of them to be bitten by a snake. A snake bite can be poisonous and lethal.

The best way to get rid of snakes from your gardens is to grow some specific pants. It is considered that snakes do not like strong or bitter smells. However, keep in mind that anything snakes smell after it hatches is a pleasant smell for them. It becomes difficult for you to remove the snakes, therefore, that are already present in your garden as they are used to the smell of the plants. On the other hand, it is easy for you to remove those snakes that are invading your property from some other place. However, worry not, as we are here to guide you to tackle both these scenarios.

Design An Anti Snake Garden

Preferably, to design an anti-snake garden, you need to keep three things in mind- first, the snake barrier, second, a lacking source of food, and third, deterrent plants. As we have already mentioned that snakes eat mice, rodents, and other small animals, and therefore if you keep these pests away, then snakes will naturally be away from your garden. Plus, you also need to carefully grow plants that can help in keeping the snakes away from your garden. You can make a hedge barrier using the plants that we are going to discuss below around the perimeter of your grounds.

  • Marigold


Undoubtedly pretty flowers, marigold will bring the hues of sunshine to your garden space. It is a no-fuss plant that is capable of growing under a wide range of circumstances. This flowering plant is used to repel snakes away as they release a pungent odor that bothers snakes. The roots of this plant grow aggressively, which produces a smell that deters not only snakes but most garden pests. Traditionally, it was used to keep gophers and moles away.

You can either plant marigold seeds and sow them on your own, or you can buy this plant from a shop for transplanting. They require an abundance of sunlight and well-drained soil. In fact, marigolds can grow very well in all kinds of soil. Lastly, marigold will not only protect your property but will enhance the look of your garden.

  • Lemongrass


Lemongrass is a tall, perennial plant with a citrus flavor and a lemony aroma that is used in herbal medicines and at times while cooking. It produces a fragrance that keeps snakes, moths, mosquitoes, and even ticks away from your precious garden. Lemongrass can tolerate drought and grows well in moist, rich soil. It requires ample sunlight and a temperature within the range of 15-29C. You can grow this plant with other plants to create a strong barrier and keep snakes at a safe distance from your garden.

  • Mother-in-law tongue

Mother in law tongue

Mother-in-law’s tongue is considered the best plant to keep snakes away as it has sharp leaves, which raises the level of oxygen. Plus, snakes don’t like the appearance of this plant, and for these reasons, it is also called a “snake plant” or “viper bowstring hemp.” Snakes find this plant terrifying and prefer to stay away from them. However, appearance-wise the snake plant is attractive and will definitely enhance the beauty of your garden. Additionally, it is also easy to maintain, and therefore not much effort is required for their growth. It will last for many years and requires water only three times per week.

  • Andrographis Paniculata

Just like a marigold plant, the Andrographis Paniculata is a perfect snake repellent. It also can be rubbed on the scales of a snake as it will cause their skin to swell up. Also known as green chitera, this type of plant is most commonly found in Asian countries and is a herbaceous plant. It is used to treat common cold or sinus infections. So, by planting Andrographis Paniculata, you will be not only able to keep snakes away but also enjoy certain healthy perks. It can simply be raised with the help of seed or vegetative methods.

  • Indian Snakeroot

Indian Snakeroot

Also known as sarpagandha or devil pepper, and commonly found in most parts of Asia, Indian Snakeroot has bitter roots and leaves that keep snakes away from your garden. It features an element named reserpine that causes dizziness and also slows down the heart rate of snakes. Therefore, you should definitely grow this type of plant in your garden. It is used as a traditional medicine that can treat snake bites.

  • Jimsonweed


Another plant that repels snakes away is jimson weed, also known as thorn apple or devil snare; it produces a foul and bitter smell. It requires ample amounts of sunlight and moist, fertile, and well-drained soil to grow. Moreover, its seed and leaves are said to be used to create medicines. It further treats swine flu, cough flu, asthma, and nerve diseases. But it is considered to be a wild herb, and therefore, you should be careful while planting them in your garden.

  • Garlic And Onion

Garlic And Onion

Garlic and onion are both considered excellent plants for repelling snakes as they produce a smell that snakes hate. Also, the onion plant produces an oily residue when the snake moves over the clove. This oil releases an odor that feels like pepper spray. Plus, both garlic and onion are essential cooking ingredients with tons of health benefits.

  • Pink agapanthus

The last plant on our list is Pink agapanthus, which is a part of the onion family. It is adaptable to most types of soils such as loamy, well-drained, and moderately fertile. This plant further grows fast and keeps the snakes at bay as the scent of the flowers and leaves irritate and scare these creatures away. It is a beautiful plant that will enrich the beauty of your garden. Plus, you can also use this plant to treat headaches and sinus infections.


If you want to deter snakes away, then the best option is to sow these plants in your garden. Use these snake repellent plants together to create a barrier around your garden to keep snakes away. It is a good option in comparison to chemical repellents. It enhances the beauty of your garden and provides you with many additional benefits.

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