Growing Peas

It’s Pea planting time.

Autumn is the perfect time to plant Snow Peas and Climbing Peas, with the cooler weather. Lower temperatures deter mildew, the doom of many a Pea plant.

There are plenty of structures you can easily grow Peas up but I particularly love the look of the pea teepee in our raised gardens.

Normally I make my pea teepees out of bamboo stakes and twine but another idea struck me a few weeks ago and I decided to give it a go.

I am a big fan of re-purposing and while I was busy cutting back the flowering stems of all of the flax plants on our council verge, I thought why not re-use them for pea teepees, instead of spending more money on more bamboo stakes.

And so I did.

Growing Peas

And I love the look of this pea teepee more than the others with it. I really like the rustic look and the contrast of the green Peas growing up against the darker stems.

I’m not sure how long the flax stems will last in the ground before they start to rot but the bamboo stakes also rot eventually so if I get a season out of them, I will be more than happy.

And there are always plenty more where these stems came from.

So if you have any flowering flax plants around the garden, don’t discard the stems. Let them serve you a little longer by becoming a fantastic, free pea teepee.

Simply space the stems evenly in a circle, in your soil. Gather them at the top and tie the ends with natural twine.

Then thread more twine around the teepee, in steps, moving up to create ‘shelves’ for the peas to cling to.


A free, easy to make, repurposed Pea teepee.

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