Fast Growing Hedges For Privacy Purpose


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There can be times when you feel that someone is breaching your privacy. Of course, you’ll have walls around your house to keep a check over your security. However, crossing the wall barriers might be relatively easy and convenient for burglars and intruders. Definitely, that’s not what you want! What if your brick wall is replaced by the hedges all around your home? Just imagine your house is surrounded by lush green grasses acting as a shield to protect your house. Do you want to know more about fast-growing hedges? Here is the complete insight for you.

What Are Fast-Growing Hedges?

If you place the plants at a specific interval and allow them to grow entirely, they form a hedge. Now, the plants which can grow at a rapid pace will pan out as fast-growing hedges. Most of these plants are deciduous or evergreen. Therefore, even in autumn, they will keep your house protected.

However, these plants for privacy grow rapidly, so you will need to trim the hedges. This way, you can also enhance the scenic beauty of your house.

Benefits Of Having Fast-Growing Hedges Than Actual Fences

Now that you know about the benefits of having hedges in your home, it’s time to eliminate privacy fences from your house. So, here are the benefits of using hedges over fences to protect your home.

1.    A cluster of plants standing tall around your house is definitely a sight to behold. You will feel the positive vibes whenever you look at the plants from the window of your room. Most importantly, the people visiting your house will be astounded to see the transformation in your home. Therefore, the fast-growing hedges will provide a charming look to your house.

2.    Fences have closer spacing between them, which allows the air to pass through easily. Even the intruders can pass through them and enter your house, which can be alarming for your security. Now, that won’t be the case with fast-growing hedges. The plants are placed strategically, and they cover the entire area without leaving any space in between. Therefore, the person trying to penetrate your house through hedges will need to cross the dense thorns, which will give them bruises and injuries.

3.    If your area faces heavy wind current during the winters, fast-growing hedges will be a perfect solution for you. Fences are wooden products that might not withstand the force generated by the winds. Therefore, fences are not enough to protect your house in such conditions. On the other hand, fast-growing hedges can withstand strong winds due to its firm nature. So, you don’t have to change or repair your fences after every storm in your area.

4.    Fast-growing hedges will serve as a shelter for animals and birds living inside your house; finding a perfect ambiance for the pets has always been an issue for animal lovers. Now, with hedges around your home, your furry friends can roam around freely.

5.    The best part is that fast-growing hedges are a cost-effective method of protecting your house. Fencing requires an ample amount of investment, which is not the case with hedges.

Perfect Fast growing hedge plants – type of Plants

As we all know, there are an innumerable variety of plants. However, all the plants are not suitable to provide a hedge for your house. There are some specific plants with a dense core and fast-growing capability. Let us have a look at such plants.

1.   Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel hedge

Cherry Laurel is a unique plant that can grow 60 cm every year in normal conditions. Moreover, its growth rate is not affected by the weather in your area. These plants can even grow in a limited amount of light. Therefore, it will take away the stress of maintaining the plant if you want to use it as a hedge. However, you need to take care of one thing before handling this tree, and Cherry Laurel can be toxic.

2.   Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel tree

These aromatic plants are well-known for their breathtaking beauty. Bay Laurel is often associated with the God Apollo, making it the perfect choice for a hedge. Though they grow a bit slower than Cherry Laurel, they will offer your house the best protection once they’re fully grown. You won’t need to trim the plant every now and then as they grow slowly.

3.   Privet

privet hedge

Privet can be considered as the flag-bearer of the fast-growing hedges. If you think about it, the plant can grow at a rapid pace without much attention. Moreover, the density of the green leaves doesn’t allow intruders to pass through them. The plant has small green leaves, which makes it convenient to trim. However, you would need to trim the plant every now and then after its growth.

4.   Leylandii

If you cannot wait to add hedges around your house, Leylandii would be a perfect option for you. With a growth rate speed of 90 cm in a year, these hedge plants will fill up your arena within a short span of time. This feature makes these plants the most predominant choice in the category of fast growing plants. Apart from that, you don’t need to maintain it, as well.

5.   Bamboo

Bamboo hedge

Bamboo plants are a perfect option for those who believe in adding an extra layer of protection to their house. Indeed, the bamboo plant won’t acquire much space. In fact, they are tall and slick but are well-known for their strength. Now, the best part is that you can buy a fully grown bamboo tree from the store and place them around your house. They will be perfect for providing the screening effect to enhance the ambiance of your home.

Some Tips For The Plantation Of Your Fast-Growing Hedges

Apart from the right choice of hedge plants, the appropriate technique is also essential for the growth of hedges. After all, you won’t want a person peeping inside your house from the tiny space through the hedge plants. So, here are some tips that you must follow while planting these trees.

1.    Clear off the weeds from the surface before planting the seeds for your hedges. All the nutrients you provide to the soil should directly reach the plant for rapid growth.

2.    Always add extra soil to the area to allow enough space for the plants to grow. If the height of the soil layer is 5 cm, you need to add an extra layer of 5 cm to provide room for the growth of the plant.

3.    Giving proper nutrients and food to the hedge is crucial for its proper growth. For that, a plant should be given at least 5 liters of water twice a week. The consistency might vary during the rainy season. However, you should continuously check for moisture in the soil.

4.    The best time to water the hedge is during the evening when the plant can retain the water for a long time. On the other hand, the water will quickly dry up during the day, and you might need to water again and again.

5.    Make sure that you trim the plant uniformly. The reason behind it is that the uneven growth of the plant will ruin away its scenic beauty.

Enhance Your Privacy Through Fast-Growing Hedges!

As we discussed above, the fast-growing privacy hedges would be a perfect replacement for the fences in your house. Now, you can prevent the intruders from breaching your privacy. Moreover, the lush green grasses around your home will enhance the overall appeal of your house. You have a chance to create a positive and healthy ambiance for your family through fast-growing hedges. Moreover, don’t forget about the pets in your house, as well. So, when are you starting with the process?

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