Hot Chillies!!

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Even though the weather is getting colder, some of the summer crops are only just ripening up.

Every year we grow a LOT of chillies because we eat a lot of them and it’s so great to have as many as we need ready to go.

Slowly the chillies are turning from green, to bright red and we are picking 4-5 a day at the moment.

All chillies really need to grow well is good soil, plenty of summer warmth and water. In saying that, sometimes you can get a hotter chilli when the plants are a left to dry right out between watering.

There’s no problem with growing plenty of chillies because they store so well. You can either freeze them whole in freezer bags, or string them up like these ones and let them dry out.

6-8 plants should provide enough chillies for 1 year for the average family. But if you eat more than the average family like we do, I would recommend a dozen plants for your years supply.

When you use your chillies don’t forget to save some of the seeds for planting out next year. Just scoop them out, dry them on a tray or paper towel and then store them in a labelled envelope for future planting.

If you haven’t grown chillies before and want to give it a try with quality organic seeds go to our For Sale page to enquire about purchasing seeds for the exact same chillies you see in this post.

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