How to Use Garden Tools

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Every gardener needs an assembly of gardening tools to make their work easier. However, as much as owning these tools is important, knowing how to correctly handle and use them is the final step to becoming a garden master. In this article, we shall explore techniques on how to use garden tools including handling and keeping. Each gardener should know these tips, a reason you should keenly read and understand to the end. 

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How to Use Garden Shears

Garden shears are used for pruning. Choosing the right garden shears like the gardeners’ friend shears is the first step to using your garden shears correctly. When buying garden shears, go for the ones with an ergonomic handle and the right size for your hand.  

There are two types of garden shears: the bypass shears and the anvil shears. Bypass shears cut like shears while anvil shears cut like a blade on board. Bypass shears work best for most pruning purposes compared to anvil shears which shall only work for dead parts. 

Ideal shears should be held together using bolts, this allows for easy cleaning after use. Use the catch or lock to secure the shears together when not using them. After every use, wipe your shears with alcohol or spirit soaked cotton to keep them sharp. 

  • When using garden shears, position them at the right place of the branch you want to cut. The blade should be on the exact point. 
  • Let the branch sink deep into your pruners, open them wholly to accommodate the wood. 
  • Cut the branch by applying enough pressure once. 
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  • GREAT FOR SENIOR GARDENERS -- As we age, things become harder to do; these secateurs have an ergonomic design that makes handling and using them easy, safe and simple.

How to Use a Garden Tools – Shovel

These are the steps to use your shovel correctly: 

  • Hold and position yourself in the right manner – ensure that your shoulders and hips are facing towards the shovel, get your feet slightly apart, almost the length of your shoulders. Use two hands to hold the handle and use your foot to drive the shovel into the ground while in a vertical position. 
  • Correctly lever your shovel’s blade, ensure your back is straight, and then tilt the handle towards your body. 
  • It’s now time to lift, bend your knee, and the slightly lower one of your hands down the stalk of the shovel then lift the soil. 
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How to Use a Garden Trowel

Gardening trowels have versatile uses. A garden trowel can be used to make holes for planting and lifting seedlings from the nursery. They can be in an array of shapes suited for different purposes. 

There are flat hand trowels with narrow blades, use this for reaching tricky places like corners to make planting holes or even weeding. Trowels with blades that are scoop-shaped work best for weeding shallow-rooted weeds or for scooping soil purposes. 

To use your garden trowel, first, have the tip in the soil, then apply pressure to drive the blade into the soil to the end. After that, apply pressure on the top of the handle and push it down to scoop the soil. Now lift up the trowel and place the soil beside the hole, repeat this process until you form the right side of the hole for your seedlings. 

Fiskars 384220-1001 Ergo Garden Hand Trowel, Black
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Fiskars 384220-1001 Ergo Garden Hand Trowel, Black
  • Ideal for digging when planting, taking up plants, turning up earth and more
  • Ergonomically designed handle reduces hand and wrist fatigue while weeding
  • Cuts through tough turf cleanly
  • Polished aluminum head resists rust for lasting value

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How to Use a Garden Hoe

A garden hose can be used to turn, sweep, till, and cover in the garden. When choosing a hoe, consider your preferences and the type of work you are going to use it for. Hoes with long handles are easy and save your back but aren’t as precise as short-handed hoes. 

If your plants are scarcely spaced, then a long-handed how shall work, but if you want to work on closely spaced plants, a short-handed how shall be better to give you precision. 

Sweeping can be an easy way to clear weeds from your garden. Hold your hoe and sweep it over your garden soil to let it cut weeds by the stem. This weed control method however isn’t effective as most of the weeds sprout again. 

You can easily use a hoe to make lines for planting. Just turn over the hoe to start drilling shallow lines for planting your seeds. 

A hoe can be used to cover the drills after placing the seeds. However, this might not work for tiny seeds that need light soil over them.  

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True Temper 26097200 Forged Garden Hoe with Serrated Edge and 54 in. Fiberglass Handle with Cushion Grip, 6.25"
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  • Serrated edge for cleaner cutting
  • Cushion end grip for less fatigue
  • 54-Inch fiberglass handle
  • Ideal for chopping, weeding, and clearing garden growth

How to Use a Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is used to carry stuff from one point of the garden to another. To use a wheelbarrow, first, ensure the tire is inflated, if it is not the inflating type then you can skip this step. 

Ensure the axel has enough lubricant, in case it doesn’t, apply lubricant to the axle or bearing, whichever applies to your wheelbarrow. 

When preparing to load your wheelbarrow, ensure it faces the point that you are going after loading. This shall give you an easier job after you are done loading. 

For easy lifting, put more load towards the wheel rather than the handles. The load tends to be lighter when you do this. 

During lifting the load to move, keep your back and hands straight. Use the power from your legs to lift the wheelbarrow, this shall avoid any injury or unnecessary straining. 

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  • DURABLE COMPOSITION: This heavy-duty yard work essential is crafted with a plastic bin and powder-coated steel frame that prevents breakdown and wear for long-lasting use
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Safety Precautions to Take When Using Garden Tools

Now that we have learned how to use garden tools, let us explore some general precautions to be exercised  Garden tools are handy to use in the garden, however, if mishandled, they can spoil before the end of their lifetime. Still, if mishandled, they might cause losses and injuries to the gardener. Below are some tips on how to stay safe as you use garden tools. 

  • Wear quality gloves and boots – when working in your garden, you shall involve your hands a lot. Always ensure you wear garden hand gloves to keep your hands moist and warm and prevent them from sustaining scratches and injury.
  • Use tools to handle most tasks and avoid using your hands directly as this might cause injuries. 
  • Grease moving parts of your garden tools while sharpening the cutting edges. When these moving parts can move smoothly and easily while cutting edges cut efficiently, your work shall be easier therefore less fatigue. 
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Final Word – How to Use Garden Tools

This is how to use garden tools. The above tools are important but still, you can exercise general caution when using all the other garden tools. Ensure your tools are in good shape and always wear protective gear before visiting your garden. 

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