Types of Garden Tools and Their Uses


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Gardening is a hobby that shall soon get you into the interesting part of it. This is especially if connecting with nature is your portion, still, it is very satisfying to watch seeds turn into seedlings than full-grown plants. Getting your own organically grown greens and fruits is so exciting and satisfying. That said, gardening can only be interesting when you have only the right tools in your garden store. For experienced gardeners, it’s that obvious, but for just starting gardeners, you might get overwhelmed with the heap of tools out there. We prepared a list of different types of garden tools and their uses.

Popular Types of Garden Tools

1. Wheelbarrow

Whether you have a small or large garden, investing in a galvanized steel or plastic wheelbarrow is the best decision. A wheelbarrow comes in handy when you need to transfer seedlings from the nursery to their second growing point.

A wheelbarrow also helps move dirt and chuff from the garden to the dumping pit, moving tools from your store to the garden, and other subsistence transport needs. A quality wheelbarrow like this Jackson mode. Shall make your work easy.

Jackson M6T22 M6T22KB Wheelbarrow, 6-Cubic Foot Capacity, Blue
  • 6-Cubic foot capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel tray
  • Patented leg stabilizers make wheelbarrow 40% more tip-resistant
  • 16-Inch tubed tire
  • 60-Inch heavy duty wood handles

2. Gardening gloves

Good heavy-duty gardening gloves

are a must-have before you hit the garden. Expect to get your hands dirty as you do your gardening, the gloves shall prevent your hands from coming into contact with soil and dirt. As you use your hands to trim, plant, and other functions, there might be sharp objects in the soil or thorns to prick your hands, all this shall go to the gloves leaving your hands safe and clean.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves for Women & Men - Multi-purpose Work Gloves - Breathable and Absorbent Bamboo Gloves - Gardening Gloves for Men
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Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves for Women & Men - Multi-purpose Work Gloves - Breathable and Absorbent Bamboo Gloves - Gardening Gloves for Men
  • BREATHABLE BAMBOO COMFORT: Breathable bamboo gardening gloves for women and men will keep your hands cool. Bamboo absorbs perspiration and is naturally very breathable. Keep your hands cool in summer and warm in winter. Pine Tree Gloves are suitable for any job and pleasurable to wear.
  • FITS LIKE A SECOND SKIN - Do you take off your mens gardening gloves for every chore that requires finger sensitivity? Pine Tree Gloves have bare hand sensitivity and are Touchscreen friendly! Now you can make those reminders on your smartphone or tablet without taking your gloves off! Fishermen also love the grip on those slippery fish and the protection when changing hooks!
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE - We believe gardening should be safe and fulfilling. Avoid skin wounds and dirty hands and nails when doing yard chores. Why walk around with those thick and clumsy gloves while doing jobs around the house? How much more enjoyable would garden chores be, when you wear protective gloves with a snug fit? See our listed size chart picture on the left to determine your correct size. Our gloves have proven abrasion resistance.
  • NOTE - Our gloves are famous for their snug fit. Not your preference? Just order one size up!
  • PURE SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK - Although our gloves are initially designed for gardening, many enjoy them during construction and restoration work, fishing trips, and lobster diving! Are you not entirely satisfied in the end? Our product comes with a full satisfaction promise!

3. Digging spade

You shall need a digging spade

to help you in digging tricky to reach areas such as corners. It can do the general digging and also lifting of dirt into the wheelbarrow. A shovel is a very important gardening tool when it comes to making holes for planting bushes and plants.

Z & G All Metal Shovel Spade D Handle Shovels for Digging Mini D Shovel Garden Spade Shovel with Short Handle Spade Shovels for Digging All Steel Straight Spade Shovel 29.6inch D Handle Short Shovel
434 Reviews
Z & G All Metal Shovel Spade D Handle Shovels for Digging Mini D Shovel Garden Spade Shovel with Short Handle Spade Shovels for Digging All Steel Straight Spade Shovel 29.6inch D Handle Short Shovel
  • 【D Handle Steel Shovels for Digging】All Metal Shovel 29.6 inch-Straight garden spade shovels for digging.
  • 【All Metal Shovels for Digging】Rust-resistant design for mini d handle shovel - rock digging spade shovels for gardening.
  • 【Short Metal Shovels for Gardening】The D-handle round spade shovel provides comfort and good grip.
  • 【All Steel Shovel with Short Handle】Mini d handle shovel is the ideal size for gardening spade shovel with short handle.
  • 【Round Point Spade Shovels for Groundbreaking】Garden spade point head shovels for digging.Very DURABLE Short Spade Shovel for Digging Camping Gardening.

4. Hand trowel

A gardening hand trowel

is very important for urban gardeners and all other gardeners in general. Whenever you need to scoop a little bit of soil and transfer it to either a pot or container, the hand trowel shall help a big deal. Also, whenever you need to make holes for planting, the hand trowel shall help you and also help you return the soil.

Edward Tools Bend-Proof Garden Trowel - Heavy Duty Polished Stainless Steel - Rust Resistant Oversized Garden Hand Shovel for Quicker Work - Digs Through Rocky/Heavy soils - Comfort Grip (1)
  • Most heavy duty garden hand trowel tool on the market
  • One piece stainless steel is bend proof making it the best hand shovel for working rocky or heavy clay soils
  • Oversize trowel head makes for quicker work as soil can be moved in greater volume
  • Ergonomic rubber grip with contoured finger grips and palm rest
  • Lifetime warranty - Find a way to bend this garden hand shovel and we will replace it no questions asked

5. Digging shovel

A digging shovel comes in handy when you want to do your digging, and need to lift some soil, gravel, sand, or coal. Other than making lifting easier, a shovel helps off-load the wheelbarrow, especially when you want to offload part of the contents in the wheelbarrow.

When making compost manure, a digging shovel shall be your friend, especially when turning the compost. There are a lot of other tasks that a shovel shall do for you in the garden.

ROOT ASSASSIN 32" Mini Garden Shovel/Saw - The Original & Best Award Winning Combo Gardening Spade Tool, Yard, Root, Stump, Tree Removal, Landscaping, Trimming Specialized Digging (32" Shovel/Saw)
  • The Root Assassin serrated shovel can help you accomplish various gardening tasks faster than other conventional gardening tools; The enhanced shovel shape and curved tip with serrated edges are perfect for slaying roots and weeds
  • The Root Assassin serrated shovel saw can effortlessly cut through roots and other obstructions in the soil
  • There is a sturdy D-shaped metal handle that is rubber coated for your digging comfort
  • Digging spade with a pointed tip that allows you to dig deeper with maximum leverage
  • Reliable Root Assassin carbon steel shovel with a lifetime replacement guarantee from the manufacturer

6. A digging fork

If you have a garden with rocky soil, this should not miss in your gardening tools. A digging fork helps you dig into even hard soils and hardpans. It lets you work while standing, saving the back-strain. Still, it pierces into the hard soil easily and avoids rocks in rocky soil. This tool should not be missing in your gardening tools collection.

Fiskars 1003686 Xact Soil Work, Digging Fork 108 cm, Silver
  • Spade fork (Total Length: 108 cm) with 4 tines for loosening and turning the soil in hard, stony soils, Also suitable for aerating the lawn and raking out stones or weeds, User height: 160 - 175 cm
  • Ergonomic shape for great comfort during use, Easy digging and grooving into the ground thanks to 4 sharp tines
  • Great comfort during operation for a back-friendly posture to protect the muscles thanks to a 7° angle, Easy to use thanks to the practical D-grip with non-slip surface
  • High longevity thanks to high-Steel tines and glass fibre reinforced synthetic material handle, Finnish design
  • Contents: 1x Fiskars Xact Soil Work Fork Medium, Length: 108 cm, Weight: 1.70 kg, Material: Steel/Fibreglass reinforced synthetic material, Colour: Black/Orange, 1003686

7. A garden hose

After planting in your garden, you shall realize that rainwater isn’t dependable to make your plants flourish. You shall have to do some irrigation. While some very small-scale gardeners prefer self-watering containers, a medium garden shall require a garden hose for watering.

You just need to connect it to your tap and guide the mouth to water your plants. It is advisable to invest in a quality watering nozzle that you can fix at the mouth of your garden hose to encourage regular watering and also economical use of water.

Flexzilla Garden Hose 5/8 in. x 75 ft, Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Drinking Water Safe, ZillaGreen - HFZG575YW-E
  • EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE - All weather flexibility
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE - Abrasion resistant outer cover and crush resistant anodized aircraft aluminum fittings
  • HYBRID POLYMER - Won't kink under pressure, coils easily and lays flat with zero memory
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lighter than traditional garden hoses making Flexzilla easier to carry and maneuver around the yard
  • LEAK FREE CONNECTIONS AND DRINKING WATER SAFE - A durable O-ring provides long lasting leak free connections and feature an inner tube material that is drinking water safe

8. Garden knife

A garden knife comes in handy when you need to cut leaves and fruits in your garden. Still, you can use it for other purposes like making holes for planting seedlings and even weeding. A pocket knife can be used as a means to measure the planting holes and many other uses that might occur in the process of gardening.

Go for a quality garden knife such as the Hori Hori

Black Iron Hori Hori Garden Knife [7 Inches, Japanese Stainless Steel] Durable Gardening Tool for Weeding, Digging, Cutting & Planting with Leather Sheath and Sharpening Stone
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & DESIGN. Take your gardening skills to the next level with Black Iron's Hori-Hori Garden Knife. It features a beveled edge for slicing and a serrated edge for cutting through tough roots, and a sturdy ergonomic handle for better grip and ease of use.
  • DURABLE & MULTIPURPOSE. Accomplish a wide variety of gardening tasks such as cutting, digging, weeding, pruning, and planting bulbs easily with this powerful gardening tool. It features a 7 inch blade and is made of 100% stainless steel that is rust-resistant and and helps tackle the toughest garden jobs
  • MEASURE SOIL WITH EASE with this gardening knife's easy to read depth measurements in both millimeters and inches, making planting seeds and bulbs a breeze.
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT & SAFETY. Black Iron garden knife has become a favorite of so many gardeners and for good reason - aside from its 5-inch sturdy hardwood handle that offers incredible grip, it comes with a sleek and heavy-duty leather sheath that keeps your blade in perfect condition when not in use.
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP. Crafted to top-notch standards, this Japanese Gardening Tool features a high-grade stainless steel blade that extends into a full tang for superb strength and durability. You'll also get a free sharpening stone to keep your gardening knife in great condition. Order yours today!

9. A bow rake

After digging, you shall notice that the resultant soil isn’t fine or level for planting. This is where a bow take comes in. A bow rake helps in leveling soil for planting seedlings or when making a nursery in your garden. Still, it shall help you spread mulching material on the nursery or even within your plants.

Over time, there shall be a lot of shed leaves and dirt. A bow rake shall help you put the dirt together for collection with ease and less back-pain.

Truper 31374 Tru Pro Forged Bow Rake, 16 Teeth, Ash Handle, 60-Inch
  • R-16AM-X, 47-inch professional grade premium North American white ash handle
  • White ash handles give optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility
  • 16 Teeth rake stands up to rugged outdoor use
  • Commercial duty for pro or rugged homeowner use
  • Truper 31374, Tru Pro "the contractors choice" for professional use

10. A garden hoe

A garden hose comes in handy when you need to cultivate and weed your garden. There are a number of types and versions of a garden hoe, however, the draw hoe is just sufficient to have all the tasks done. Use your hoe also to edge your lawns and even make shallow large planting holes for bushes.

Corona GT 3244 Extended Reach Hoe and Cultivator, Red, No Size,40.16 x 9.65 x 5.51 inches, Gray
  • Corona's new line of EXTENDED REACH hand tools are designed for working in raised -bed gardens small garden and tight access locations
  • ComfortGEL grips deliver comfort to gardeners who seek an easier more therapeutic gardening experience
  • Optimal 36-in length for long reach and balance - ideal for gardeners who find many long handle tools to hard to manage
  • Country of Origin China

11. Garden hand fork

A garden hand fork is a tool used to loosen hard compact soil on a small scale. This fork can still function as a weeder by digging the weeds to make them loose for uprooting. When splitting seedlings from the nursery ready for planting, this is the tool to use since the spikes break up the soil.

Stainless Steel Hand Fork with Ergonomic Handle,Cultivator Gardening Tools,Polishing Durable,Easy to Clean
  • 🌱ERGONOMIC HANDLE:Streamlined handle design,conform to human engineering.Provides excellent grip and comfort to reduce hand fatigue.
  • 🌱DURABLE & STURDY:This Garden trowel is constructed out of polished stainless steel,Which makes the items sturdy, do not bent,durable and lasting anti-corrosion.Also Easy to clean.
  • 🌱SHARP TINES :This Hand fork one-piece design won’t loosen while digging,Three tines of polished Tapered Move Through the Soil Easily,making planting and digging much easier.
  • 🌱EASY TO STORE:Practical hanging holes design makes storage easier,The lanyard is for you to hang the shovel in the courtyard or anywhere.
  • 🌱100% GUARANTEED: We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every transaction. If you have any quality problem with the product after purchase, you could contact us for a refund or replacement.

12. Pruning shears

Pruning shears also referred to as secateurs are important gardening tools especially when it comes to pruning. Whether you need to remove old twigs or shape your plants, pruning shears shall clip out the twigs easily. It is important to invest in good pruning shears that require the least effort while cutting thick branches.

You should also choose one that you are comfortable using and match the size of your hands. The gardener’s friend pruners stand out with features.

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Ratchet Pruning Shears Gardening Tool – Anvil Pruner Garden Shears with Assisted Action – Ratchet Pruners for Gardening with Heavy Duty, Nonstick Steel Blade – Garden Tools by The Gardener's Friend
  • Strength-Boosting Shears – Boost your cutting power with ratchet garden shears for pruning, trimming, and harvesting plants. Your TGF anvil pruners help you achieve cleaner cuts with less strain.
  • New and Improved! Your favorite assistive clippers are now better than ever. Improved cutting, neoprene insert in the Anvil holds branches and stems in place while you cut. More solid construction.
  • For Stems, Stalks, and Small Branches – Whip out your garden snips and clean up flower beds and garden rows. Cut tree branches up to 1 in. thick, depending on the wood and your individual strength.
  • Designed for the Dirt – Choose corrosion-resistant garden shears for pruning with a heavy-duty manganese steel blade and aluminum body. Your high-impact tool is incredibly resilient under pressure.
  • Let's Be Friends – We're here to provide excellent garden tools for gardening enthusiasts of all sorts. Let us know how we can help you keep your lawn and garden bountiful and beautifully maintained.

13. A saw

Pruning shears have a limit and might not work for overly thick branches and twigs in your garden. This is the time to bring down your saw and cut the twigs or branches to either clear the plant, prune or remove dead parts.

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14. A weeder

Weeds are a common enemy in the garden. Investing is a good hand weeder that makes the weeding activity easy. A hand weeder is designed to remove the weeds out with their roots. The hand weeder is recommended for light weeding needs since it involves your back a great deal.

In case you have back problems, a stand-up weeder is the best for you. With it, you do not have to kneel while weeding, all you need to do is make the spikes sink into the ground then apply pressure on the lever to uproot the weeds.

AMES 2917300 Steel Stand-Up Weeder, 40-Inch
1,353 Reviews
AMES 2917300 Steel Stand-Up Weeder, 40-Inch
  • Removes and eliminates weeds at their roots
  • Unique compact design makes weed removal easy
  • Ejection slide allows you to simply Release the weeds out
  • No bending, chemicals or divots of damage as you work
  • Lightweight and durable for long-term use

15. An edger

An edger is an important tool in the garden used to make edges to draw boundaries. For instance, an edger can be used to make a line between two types of plants, or between the lawn and your garden, and so forth.

All you have to do is place it on the area you need to make an edge then apply pressure by stepping on it to sink into the soil. Now, rock it side by side before removing it and do the same along the line to form your edge

16. Garden boots

The regular sandals or sneakers won’t work for the garden. You shall have to step on soil and sometimes mud. There is a possibility of thorns or even glass sometimes. To avoid making your legs dirty if getting injured, you need a pair of garden boots. There are a lot of types of garden boots that shall get your feet warm and safe through activity in the garden.

Petrass Women Rain Boots Black Waterproof Mid Calf Lightweight Cute Booties Fashion Out Work Comfortable Garden Shoes, Black 8
  • 100% WATERPROOF: The women rain boots is seamless and waterproof, formed in one piece, which insure your feet dry and clean all day. And the cute quilted mif calf is also waterproof.
  • EAST to TAKE ON and OFF: Because of the design of wide calf,the rain boots for women is easy to slip on and off.If you have a wide feed or muscular calves, it is better to pick up the size up 1/2 to a full size.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and COMFORTABLE: Compared with the usual heavy rain boots, our women's rain boots features in being light and comfortable. So it won't get you tied even though you wear our women mid calf lightweight rain boots for a prolonged time.
  • NICE LIFE HELPER: Our women's cute rain shoes will always be with you whenever you need, walking dog in the morning, shopping in rainy day, gardening, washing car, working in wet muddy yarn or farm, camping trip with families or friends and in many other occasion.
  • COLOR an SIZE: Our Ladies Women Rain Boots have 8 classic colors for your choice.The black and navy rain shoes are always the most favirote shoes by women. The light grey and khaki rain boots are the shoes which fahionable ladies love to wear.And There are another 4 lovely new colors, red, yellow,green and coffee.The quilted garden boots have 7 sizes. If you like to have some room in the boots or you like to wear thick socks, advice you to choose one size up. experience to you.

Garden overall

When you get into your garden, you expect dirt and harsh conditions. It is advisable to wear a protective garden overall. It is therefore important to have a quality long-lasting garden overall in the list of your gardening tools. Ensure you choose the right men’s or women’s overall.

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Types of Garden Tools and Their Uses

Gardening tools perform different roles in the garden and can be categorized as follows.

  • Digging and planting tools

Digging tools are those which are used to make holes for planting, turning the soil to make it ready for planting, turning compost manure when making, and mixing fertilizer and manure with soil. They can also be used to scoop soil and load it on the wheelbarrow. This group of tools includes most kinds of spades, mattock, and many others.

  • Hauling and lifting tools

Hauling and lifting tools are those which carry soil and other garden stuff from one point to the other. They are usually designed to match the type of garden material they shall be carrying. Some of the lifting and hauling tools include a wheelbarrow, spade, bucket, and many others.

  • Weeding and raking tools

Weeding and taking tools are those that are designed to prepare soil after digging and also removing weeds when the time comes. They are usually designed to have long handles to avoid too much strain for the gardener. Examples of these tools are a metal weeder and now rake.

  • Cutting and pruning tools

These are the types of tools used for cutting in the garden. Most times, they shall be used to remove unwanted twigs from plants or even cut while woody plants. In case of activities such as propagation, cutting tools come in handy. Examples of cutting tools include a garden knife, saw, pruning shears, and so on.

  • Watering tools

A garden cannot survive without sufficient water. Watering tools function to provide moisture for the plants in the garden. Watering materials are also used to apply chemicals to the plants for the prevention or treatment of diseases. Some of the watering tools include a watering can, a garden hose, a knapsack sprayer among others.

  • Power tools

Power tools are those which use electricity to function. These tools are used for large gardens and require less energy from the gardener. They are expensive and might need a big reason for you to bring them to your garden. Some of them are a grass cutter, a leaf blower, and a lawnmower.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Garden Tools

After knowing different garden tools and their uses, it is important to know how to choose the best. The below guidelines shall be handy for you.

  • Size of your garden

There are tools meant for large gardens and others for small ones. Tools for large gardens are usually powered by electricity and require less energy to function. On the other hand, tools for backyard gardens are mostly manual and require the Gardener’s input to function. For instance, if you have a small backyard garden full of pots, it’s better to go for a handheld garden fork instead of the big version.

  • Quality

It is important to consider the quality of the garden tools you choose. Go for garden tools made of quality plastic, wood, and metal. Avoid cheap garden tools made of cheap material since they break early before providing value for your money.

  • Functioning

Consider easy-to-use garden tools that embrace the latest mechanisms for making work easier. For instance, you should go for gardening shears that have an ergonomic design to make your work easier.

  • The cost

Finally, consider the cost in relation to quality. Do not be guided by cost to decide quality, take your time to check the type of material and design then compare to the cost. Remember, if you are running on a budget, it is not automatic that you shall get low quality garden tools, take your time in doing research and compromise on some features rather than quality.

Conclusion: Types of Garden Tools and Their Uses

The above are various types of garden tools and their uses should be at the fingertips of any gardener. When choosing the best gardening tools, consider key factors such as ease of use, durability, and function. It is good to consider the size of your garden and decide which tools shall work for you.

For instance, large gardens might even require power tools, while smaller gardens shall require manual tools. Keep in mind that your safety is of great importance, among your tools, include your safety wear such as boots, gloves, and overall among others. Make a collection of your garden tools and start enjoying your gardening.

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