Sweet Sweet Corn

When I was little I always thought that it was these bits of a Sweetcorn plant that were the bits that turned into the corn.

Then I got older and planted my own Sweetcorn plants. And as I watched them grow for the first time I saw the tops come out and thought ‘Yay! Corn!’ And then as they kept on growing I realised that I had been looking at the wrong part all this time!!

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Trees In Training

In our edible garden, every panel of the fencing has either a berry growing over it or an espaliered tree growing in front of it.

Espalier is the ancient art of training and pruning plants so they grow in structured, formal patterns against a fence or wall.

It was originally devised in Europe in the Middle Ages as not only a decorative way of planting but also as a way of fitting full sized trees into small courtyards or gardens. Another great benefit of the espalier design is the increased and extended fruiting due to the warmth reflected and stored on the wall or fence, the open shape of the branches allowing more sunlight in and the air flow.

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Balcony Gardening

I am always on the hunt to find more ways to give homes to more edibles in our garden. Every gap of soil is prime real estate for a produce crop but now that all of those have been filled and the deck is already home to as many half barrels as is acceptable without being deemed excessive I have been on the look out for ways to add a little more planting space.

The man of the house is so patient and despite hearing from me numerous times “That’s it for plants now, we’ve got everything we need” he knows that some way, some how, I will work in yet another newly created garden space.

So it was no surprise to him I’m sure when I announced that I had found some AWESOME 3 tiered planters on Trade Me. I showed him the pictures

Baby Grapes

About 3 months ago I suddenly got the idea to plant two grape vines and grow them up our balcony posts, and have them meet in the middle to create a (hopefully) gorgeous green, grape decoration over what is currently a pretty rustic, solid balcony structure. It’s all massive thick posts and beams with black steal brackets and I wanted to soften it with something growing over it for the summer. And if I’m honest, I saw it as another perfect opportunity to plant another edible crop besides the obvious aesthetic value.

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Rhubarb Resiliency

My Rhubarb plant just keeps on proving it’s will to live to me.

In it’s past life this plant came from an underwatered, weed laden, neglected garden where one day it was rudely extracted by virtue of a rusty spade and prepared to come and live at my house. The journey to my garden wasn’t exactly a direct one. In fact the poor plant sat in a plastic bag in a garage for over a month. No light, no water. Just dust and exhaust fumes.

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Culling Carrots

I love thinning Carrots! Odd, I know, but I love the double win with this task. Not only do you get to eat a few lovely, sweet little Carrots (delicious cleaned and cooked by tossing in a bit of butter …

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