Is Canned Food Healthy?


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Most people view fresh food as healthier than canned food. And that is true. But is canned food healthy? Research has shown that canned food is healthy, and canning is better than some other methods of preserving food. In this post, we will focus on it and try to understand how healthy canned food actually is.

History of canned food

Canned food has been around for more than 200 years. Bryan Donkin, and Englishman, bought the patent in 1811 from Philippe Girard, a Frenchman. Girard first conceived the idea, and Donkin improved it.

In 1813, British gentry approved large-scale production of canned food. The first canning factory was established in Bermondsey, London. The rest is history. You can do some research to learn about the details of the history of canned food.

How it is done

At first, food is prepared by chopping, cutting or cooking. Then they seal the food in an airtight can. This sealed food is treated under the pressure of steam. By destroying microorganisms, this process makes the food sterile. As a result, the food becomes safe and does not decay within a short time.

Canning is not something that only big companies can do. You can learn the canning process and do it yourself. If you have the right tools and ingredients, you can try canning your favorite food items at home. An all-in-one canning kit makes the process a lot simpler for home chefs looking to join the canning craze.

Major advantages of canned food

Canned food is relatively cheaper than other types of processed food, and in some cases cheaper than fresh food. You can save a decent amount of money if you do it yourself.

A wide range of food items can be found in cans. There are some food items, such as artichoke hearts, that you do not usually find fresh in the market.

Another advantage is the sustainability of canned food. Plastic is not healthy, so cans are a better choice. Cans are recyclable, plastic is not. Recycled steel is used to make cans, which are recycled again.

This is one of the best ways of storing food. Canned food can last for many years. Although companies do not recommend eating canned food after a certain date, the food actually remains fresh after many years.

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Canned produce vs fresh

Research has proved that when it comes to nutrient values, fresh fruits and vegetables are not always better than canned fruits and vegetables. The nutrient values are very close. Vitamins A, D, E and K, and fat-soluble minerals are the same.

This is perhaps because only fresh foods are canned. Canning plants are set up near ports and farms. If you want to buy fresh produce, you do not always get what you want, because fruits and vegetables travel great distances before they reach you.

But canned food lacks vitamin C. this is a type of vitamin that diminishes in quantity during the process of canning. But that is not a big difference because cooked food also lacks vitamin C.Is canned food healthy? Yes! In some cases it is healthier than so called “fresh” food.

Canned legumes vs dried

Canned beans are perfectly healthy, and we are going to explain why. When it comes to nutrient values, there is not much difference between dried legumes and canned legumes. In terms of convenience, canned legumes are more convenient than the dried version.

If you have cooked dried legumes, you might have noticed that the process of cooking takes a long time. In some cases, you have to leave them to soak for a few hours before you cook them. That means that the process of cooking dried legumes requires some planning.

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Canned soup vs packet

Canned soup is one of the most popular canned food items. But if we compare canned soup with packet soup, the former is not a clear winner. Is canned food healthy? Yes it is, but not all types of canned foods are equally healthy. Before you cook canned soup, you have to empty the content and heat it.

On the other hand, cooking packet soup is a very quick process. Another great advantage of packet soup is that it has a long shelf life. When it comes to portion control, canned soup is not impressive.

Usually there are two portions in one can of soup. If you are not careful, you may slurp down more than what you need to. On the other hand, one packet of soup contains usually one portion.

Whether you purchase packet soup or canned soup, you must check the label. However, homemade soup is healthier and tastier alternative to both canned soup and packet soup.

Canned fish vs fresh

Many different types of fish are found in cans. Some are marinated in sauce, and some come in oil. In terms of nutrient values, canned fish is almost the same as fresh fish. Is canned food healthy? Yes, and that is also true for canned fish. In a way, canned fish is even better. For example, canned fish contains more calcium than fresh fish.

This is because when fish is canned, the bones become soft and edible. For this same reason, canned fish contains more omega 3 fatty acids. You don’t need much preparation for cooking canned fish, and that is another great advantage.

Fish can be canned in water or in oil. If you consume fish canned in oil, you may end up consuming more calories than recommended. But it can be beneficial for some people.

When to avoid canned food

We have discussed why in most cases canned food is as nutrition-packed as fresh food, but there are cases when you should avoid canned food. Now we are going to focus a little bit on that issue.

Do not consume canned food if you notice that the can is dented. If there is any microscopic hole, air will enter and damage the food. The food will decay quickly and the shelf life will be reduced.Per portion, canned food should not contain more than 300 mg of saturated fat.

To maintain good health, we should consume less saturated fat. Consuming more of this fat can lead to heart diseases. Is canned food healthy? It is healthy if it contains reasonable amounts of saturated fat. So avoid canned foot if it contains a high amount of saturated fat.

We know that the process of canning food does not require preservatives or strange ingredients. But some manufacturers use some non-organic ingredients. They add colors and flavors. Read the label carefully and avoid consuming the food if it contains too many strange ingredients.

You should also notice if the canned food is highly processed. Highly processed spam or corned beef contain lots of sodium and salt. Research has shown that processed meat is linked to some deadly diseases.

Feel free to buy and consume canned food, because in most cases it is almost as good as fresh food. But you will certainly do yourself a favor if you learn the process of canning and can your favorite food items.

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